The Saif crew

The Saifs iamge

Scared? she was..

Nemisis Image


What is he grabbing onto ?

Bert and Sue Black hole iMAGE

Dropping a log

Log Flume Image

Catchin bugs

Sean Megaphobia Image

Q: Who is the newbie

Tina Atlantis Image

Q. Did they look like this after the ride

The Hulk Image

Q. Where is he looking

Nemisis Image

More bug catchin

Megafobia rog and Ash Image

na nana nanaana

Bert and johnno Air Image

We nearly fell down this crack

Jonno Crack Image

Well it is close to halloween

Tinhead Tina Image

3 guesses where the thumb has been

Johnno And leanne Image

Sue grows another head

leanne johnno Sue and bert Image

16 scared muthers

Oblivian image

Look a flying pig

Johnno Oblivion image

Chris thinks, my god Sams feet are big....

Chriss and sam spinball whizzer Image

Is it over yet ????????

Dave and Liz Oblivion Image

It ain't the ghosts and ghouls scaring tina

Tinhead Tina Werewolf  Image

Simon say's all on the right put your hands up.

Tower of Tower image 1

The best ride pic in the world.

Theme Park Reveiw image

Bert looks soooo cold.

Johnno Sue bert the big one image

Another bug catching creature.

Johnno Avalanche Image

Here's looking at you kid

Tinhead Shockwave Image

Rich and Shaun giving it large on megafobia.

Megaphobia Image

Rich, Angie and Marni enjoy a Canadian drop.

Canada Wonderland  Image

Hair today gone tomorrow.

Bert and tina Oblivian Image

Scott and Dr Evil take a ride..

Bert Johnno Rita Image

Now that's scary and it ain't halloween yet!!!

Carl Hydro Image

Popeye and Olive.

bert and johnno air image

This is how the ride started.

Alton Towers rapids image

What was left after rough seas.

Alton Towers rapids 2 image

Ooh look christian is more scared than Chelsea.

Nemisis 1 Image

Don't look down Chelsea there is a big hole coming.

Chris oblivian image

Sala and Jayne on their first vampire hunt.

Vampirer Image

Tinas always hogging the spotlight.

Tina Image

She is happy she hasn't got nuts.

Shockwave Image

Bug in the mouth and one in the eye, Bonus.

Megaphobia Image

Don't think JJ is on the same ride as Matt..

jj speed Image

Ooh look Wes an eagle.

Tinhead Wez image

Look mum no hands.

Tina tinhead image

Trick or Treat.

Hydro halloween image

Trick or Treat 2.

Brer rabbit hallween Image

Nick and Hanna take a ride on Tower of Terror

Nick and hanna Tower of terror image

Check out Kaci middle right on her first TOT ride

Hollywood Tower 2007 Image

Tina,Wes and Ritchie take on The Yeti..

Richard tina and wez image

Ritchie, marni and Angie Take two.....

richard marnie and angie image

Ritchie, marni, Tina and Wes rock n roll it.

Rockin roller coaster image

Sean and a bunch of Brasilians giving it..

sean Rockin roller coaster image

Sal, Jayne and sean take on the Hulk...

Sala Jane Hulk Image

Christian and his kids ride Magic Mouse...

Chriss Wildmouse Image

Superman and supergirl take on a dragon..

Richie and marnie Dragons Fury Image